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Frank: Hand me that bag of potato chips. Katie: Here. You mean you're still hungry after two burgers and French fries? Frank: Yeah, I am. I'm a growing boy. Where's the popcorn? Katie: I can't believe we're eating all of this junk food. I'm supposed to be watching what I eat. Frank: get about it. Who can watch a football game without stuffing their faces? It's an American tradition. Katie: Where did you get those candy bars? Frank: Some kids were selling them door- to-door and I thought it was my duty to buy some. Katie: It was your duty to buy candy bars?! Frank: What can I say? I'm a softy. Katie: I'm getting another soda. Do you want one? Frank: No, thanks. But while you're up, can you hand me the phone? Katie: Sure, why? Frank: I'm ordering a pizza. 51


  When I a book from my motherrsquo;s shelves, itrsquo;s not unusual to come across a gap in the text. A paragraph, or maybe just a sentence, has been sliced out, leaving a window in its place, with words from the next page peeping through. The chopped up page looks like a nearly complete jigsaw puzzle waiting its missing piece. But the piece isnrsquo;t lost, and I always know where to find it. Dozens of ations, clipped from newspapers, magazines;and books;plaster one wall of my motherrsquo;s kitchen. What means the most to my mother in her books she excises and displays.当我翻看妈妈书架上的书时,常常会发现其中的文字缺了一部分其中的一个段落,或可能只是一个句子,被剪了下来,在原来的位置上留下了一扇窗户,让后一页上的文字探头探脑地露了出来被挖掉一块的那一页看上去就像是一幅几乎就要完成的拼图作品,等待着缺失的那一块拼图但那一块拼图并没有丢,而且我总是知道在哪儿能找到它在我妈妈的厨房里,从报纸上、杂志上;;还有书上;;剪下的纸片贴满了一面墙在她的书里,那些她最喜欢的句子和段落都被她剪了下来,贴在墙上Irsquo;ve never told her, but those literary amputations appall me. I know Ann Patchett and Dorothy Sayers, and Somerset Maugham would fume alongside me, their careful prose severed from its rightful place. She picks extracts that startle me, too ;Put your worst foot ward, because then if people can still stand you, you can be yourself.; Sometimes I stand ing the wall of ations, holding a scissors-victim novel in my hand, puzzling over what draws my mother to these particular words.我从未当面和她说过,但她对文学作品的这种;截肢手术;的确让我感到震惊我知道,安bull;帕契特、多萝西bull;塞耶斯和萨默塞特bull;毛姆也在我身旁气得冒烟呢,怎么能把这些他们呕心沥血写出来的文字就这样从它们原来的位置上;截肢;了呢!她挑出来的那些段落也着实吓了我一跳,比如;以你最糟糕的一面示人,因为如果那样人们也能容忍你的话,你就能做真正的自己了;有时候,我会站在那儿读墙上那些书摘,手里拿着一本备受剪刀;迫害;的小说,心里充满困惑,不知道到底是什么驱使妈妈剪下了这样一些稀奇古怪的句子My own ation collection is more hidden and delicate. I copy favorite lines into a spiral-bound journal-a Christmas present from my mother, actually;in soft, gray No. pencil. This means my books remain whole. The labor required makes selection a cutthroat process Do I really love these two pages of On Chesil Beach enough to transcribe them, word by finger-cramping word? (The answer was yes, the pages were that exquisite.)我也摘录和收藏文字,不过我的收藏更为隐秘和精致我会用灰色的二号软芯铅笔把我最喜欢的句子摘抄到一个活页日记本里;;事实上,这还是我妈妈送我的一份圣诞礼物呢也就是说,我的书都是完整的但因为摘抄需要工夫,选择哪些文字摘抄就成了一个痛苦的过程我是不是真的喜欢《在切瑟尔海滩上里的这两页文字?喜欢到我愿意一个字一个字地把它们抄下来,直抄到手指头都抽筋?(为;是;,因为这两页文字写得实在太美了)My mother doesnrsquo;t know any of this. She doesnrsquo;t know I prefer copying out to cutting out. Irsquo;ve never told her that I compile ations at all.我妈妈一点也不知道这件事她不知道与剪贴相比,我更喜欢抄录我压根就没告诉过她我也收集自己喜欢的文字Therersquo;s nothing very shocking about that; all our chatting, we donrsquo;t have the words to begin certain conversations. My mother and I talk on the phone at least once a week, and in some ways, we are each otherrsquo;s most dedicated listener. She tells me about teaching English to the leathery Russian ladies at the library where she volunteers; I tell her about job applications, cover letters, and a grant Irsquo;d like to win. We talk about my siblings, her siblings, the president, and Philip Seymour Hoffman movies. We make each other laugh so hard that I choke and she cries. But what we donrsquo;t say could fill up rooms. Fights with my father. Small failures in school. Anything, really, that pierces us.其实这一点没什么值得大惊小怪的;尽管我们总是聊天,但对于某些特定的话题,我们总是不知道该怎么开口妈妈和我一个星期至少会通一次电话,从某些方面来说,我们是对方最专心的听众她会告诉我她在图书馆做志愿者教那些强悍的俄罗斯妇女英语时发生的事;而我会和她谈谈我找工作的事、我的求职信,还有我想要争取的补助什么的我们会聊我的兄弟、她的兄弟、总统,还有菲利普bull;塞默bull;霍夫曼的电影我们常常逗得对方大笑,笑得我喘不过气来,笑得她眼泪都流出来了但我们不聊的东西也很多,多得几个房间都装不下譬如她和我爸吵架了,又譬如我在学校遇到一些小挫折了事实上,所有让我们伤心的事,我们都避而不谈I like to say that my mother has never told me ;I love you.; Therersquo;s something reassuring in its self-pitying simplicity;as if the three-word absence explains who I am and wins me sympathy-so I carry it with me, like a label on my back. I synthesize our cumbersome relationship with an easy shorthand my mother never said ;I love you;. The last time my mother almost spoke the words was two years ago, when she called to tell me that a friend had been hospitalized.我常常说,妈妈从来没和我说过;我爱你;这句有点自怜的简单话语听起来颇有些自我安慰的味道;;仿佛这三个字的缺失就为我为什么成为现在的我提供了借口,还为我赢得了同情;;于是,我总是把这句话挂在嘴边,就像把它贴在背上当标签一样对于我和妈妈之间的这种微妙关系,我总是简单地用一句;谁让她从来不说lsquo;我爱你rsquo;;来总结上一次妈妈差点说出这几个字是在两年前,当时她给我打电话,告诉我她有个朋友住院了I said, ;I love you, Mom.;She said, ;Thank you.;I havenrsquo;t said it since, but Irsquo;ve thought about it, and Irsquo;ve wondered why my mother doesnrsquo;t. A couple of years ago, I found a poem by Robert Hershon called ;Sentimental Moment or Why Did the Baguette Cross the Road?; that supplied words the blank spaces I try to understand in our conversationsDonrsquo;t fill up on bI say absent-mindedlyThe servings here are hugeMy son, whose hair may bereceding a bit, saysDid you really justsay that to me?What he doesnrsquo;t knowis that when wersquo;re walkingtogether, when we getto the curbI sometimes start to reach his hand.我对她说;我爱你,妈妈;而她说;谢谢;这件事后来我再没提过,但却始终在我的脑海里盘旋不去,我一直想知道为什么我妈妈从来不说这几个字几年前,我读到罗伯特bull;赫尔希写的一首诗,诗名叫《感伤的时刻或面包为什么要过马路?,这首诗填补了我和妈妈的对话中许多我不能理解的空白别用面包把肚子塞满了我心不在焉地说这儿的菜量大得很我的儿子,我那发线已开始后退少许的儿子,对我说你怎么会跟我说这样的话?他不知道的是当我们一起散步时,当我们走到马路边时, 我有时会不自觉地伸出手想要去牵他的手Itrsquo;s a humble poem, small in scope, not the stuff of epic heartbreak, yet poignant. After copying it down in my ation journal, my wrist smudging the pencil into a gray haze as I wrote, I opened an e-mail I had begun to my mother, and added a postscript ;This poem made me think of you,; with the lines cut and pasted below. My mother doesnrsquo;t poetry;or at least, she doesnrsquo;t tell me that she s poetry-and I felt nervous clicking, ;Send; .这是一首朴实无华的小诗,篇幅不长,不是动人心魄的宏伟诗篇,但读了却让人感到有点心酸我把它抄在了我的书摘日记本里,写的时候,手腕把灰色的铅笔字迹都蹭模糊了然后,我打开一封写给妈妈的电子邮件,信已经开了头,我在后面加上了附言;这首诗让我想起了你;然后,我在电脑上把这首行诗剪切下来,粘贴在了邮件下面我妈妈从来不读诗;;或至少她从没告诉过我她读诗;;所以,点下;发送;键时,我感到心中隐隐的紧张和不安She never mentioned the poem. But the next time I went home vacation, I noticed something new in the kitchen. Not on her ation wall, but across the room, fixed to an antique magnetic board Robert Hershonrsquo;s poem, printed on a scrap of white paper in the old-fashioned font of a typewriter. The board hung above the radiator, where we drape wet rags and mittens dripping with snow, in the warmest spot in the kitchen. The poem still hangs there. Neither my mother nor I have ever spoken about it.她从未和我提起过这首诗,但后来放假回家时,我注意到厨房里有了样新东西这次不是在她常常粘纸片的墙上,而是在厨房的另一头,粘在一块老旧的磁力板上罗伯特bull;赫尔希的诗诗打印在一小片白纸上,字体有点过时,像是打字机打出来的字体这块板子高高挂在暖气片的上方,那儿可是厨房里最温暖的地方,我们常在那儿挂湿抹布和粘着雪的手套那首诗现在还挂在那儿,但无论妈妈还是我,都从未开口谈论过它 3897。

  直接拼读到一起就可以了;另外如果是美国英语还有儿化音She is going to major in English. (major + in)Are you going to buy some more eggs? (more + eggs)Don’t go out after eight. (after + eight)Would you like to share it? (share + it)They’re new to work after all. (after + all) 75

  Fall is once again upon us, and that means that homecoming celebrations are just around the corner. Homecoming is an American tradition each September and October high schools and colleges where they celebrate their school spirit with a football game and other celebrations. I remember the homecoming events when I was in school. First, there was the election of a homecoming king and queen. Each class had its own representative, one boy and one girl, usually the most popular jock and the cutest cheerleader . Needless to say, I was neither, so I never stood a chance of being elected! The king and queen, though, were always from the senior class. All the events led up to the big game, played on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon, always a home game the school celebrating their homecoming. In my school, we had a pep rally the day bee the game, where the cheerleaders and dance team would do their thing on the stage. We also had a small parade bee the game, where all the homecoming royalty and the marching band would go around the track of the stadium where the game was held, cheered on by alumni, parents, and students. Then we would watch the football game, which at my school, we usually lost.Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan 0195778

  . appear,显得,看起来象He appeared to be talking to himself.他似乎在自言自语. upset, 心烦的,苦恼的He was horribly upset over her illness.他为她的病而忧心忡忡3. chaotic,混乱的,杂乱无章的,无秩序的The city traffic was chaotic.市内交通混乱. relax,放松He took a glass of beer and relaxed after a day's work.一天工作下来,他喝杯啤酒轻松一下5. put one's best foot ward,给人最好的印象;例如: put your best foot ward就表示把你最好的一面展示给别人看Better get a haircut bee you go to that job interview tomorrow. You want to put your best foot ward because there are twenty other people after the same job. 你明天去那个公司面谈前最好去理一下发你得给他们一个好印象才行,因为有二十多个人都在争夺这个工作 7

  Ms. Sanchez: Okay, kids. Irsquo;m Ms. Sanchez, your substitute this week. Irsquo;m taking all of you on the field trip tomorrow. Listen up. There are some ground rules we need to go over. First, each of you will have a partner and you will hold hands while we cross the streets.好了,孩子们我是桑切斯老师,你们这周的代课老师我明天将要带大家去实地考察听着有一些基本规则,我们需要要来复习下首先,你们每个人都会有一个合作伙伴,过街时你们要手牵手Student: Ms. Sanchez...?桑切斯老师... ...?Ms. Sanchez: Irsquo;ll take questions later. Let me get through all of my instructions first. Remember, donrsquo;t talk to strangers. There are predators out there who are looking to lure children away from their family and friends and to abduct them, so donrsquo;t let your guard down.稍后我再回答问题先让我说完所有的规定记住,不要和陌生人说话那里有坏人正在寻找引诱儿童远离家人和朋友,并绑架他们,所以不能让你的后卫Student: Ms. Sanchez...桑切斯老师;;Ms. Sanchez: As I said, Irsquo;ll take questions later. If you need to step away from the group, ask permission first. If a stranger tries to accost or waylay you, run away as fast as you can.正如我所说,我稍后回答问题如果你们要离开团队,先要征得许可如果一个陌生人试图搭话或挡截你,要尽快逃走Student: Uh, Ms. Sanchez?嗯,桑切斯老师?Ms. Sanchez: Yes?什么事?Student: I think yoursquo;ve got the wrong classroom. Wersquo;re the eighth graders. The first graders are on the second floor.我觉得你走错班了我们是八年级的学生一年级学生都在二楼Ms. Sanchez: Where are my glasses? Oh, here they are. Oh! Yoursquo;re not my first-graders! Why didnrsquo;t anyone say anything earlier?!我的眼镜在哪里?哦,在这儿哦!你不是我的一年级学生!为什么开始的时候没人告诉我?!1.substitute n. 代课老师.field trip (学生)实地考察旅行Are you going to have a field trip on Tuesday?你准备星期二去野外旅行吗? 3.ground rules 约定俗成的不成文法, 基本法则.hold hands 手搀手And why do lovers often hold hands?为什么恋爱的人要手拉着手?5.go over 复习Please go over it and see if everything is in order.请再过目一下,看看是否都符合规定6.get through 完成As soon as I get through with my work Ill join you.我工作一做完就来找你们. 7.let your guard down 不要放松警惕Never let your guard down when you are in the jungle.在密林里时,你绝不能放松警惕 8.step away from 远离,从;;走开Sometimes a sympathizer is one step away from a lover.有时侯,同情者与情人仅一步之遥 9.accost vt.搭话.waylay vt.拦截 960



  It is the pang of separation that sps throughout the world and gives birth to shapes innumerable in the infinite sky.离别的创痛笼罩了整个世界,无边的天宇变得姿态万千It is this sorrow of separation that gazes in silence all nights from star to star,正是这离愁,夜夜默望着星辰,And becomes lyric among rustling leaves In rainy darkness of July.并在七月雨夜的萧萧叶片间化做抒情诗It is this oversping pain that Deepens into loves and desires,正是这弥漫的离恨,深化为爱和欲,Into sufferings and joys in human homes;成为人间的苦乐And this it is that ever melts and Flows in songs through my poet’s heart.正是它通过我诗人的心灵,融化成曲,喷薄而出更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 93


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