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奇迹:世上最小婴儿体重不足0.5斤 已长到9个月大 -- :50:5 来源: 这是世界上最小的婴儿,她看起来是那么的不堪一击,但出乎众人意料的是,顽强的她一天天长大了 Emilia Grabarczyk was born via caesarean section at 5 weeks, and is believed to be the smallest ever baby to survive such an early delivery.艾米莉亚的妈妈在5周时剖腹产生下了她,据说她是如此早产的婴儿中幸运生存下来的最小的一个At the time of her birth in the German city of Witten she measured centimetres and weighed just eight ounces; at 5 weeks a healthy baby would typically weigh around three times that amount. Her foot was just an inch long.她出生于德国威滕市,出生时身长仅为厘米,体重仅为8盎司正常情况下5周的健康胎儿的体重应该是她的三倍那么多她的脚只有一英寸那么长Now, nine months on, she weighs 7lb oz and is getting stronger with each passing day.如今,她已经9个月大了,体重7磅盎司,一天天的茁壮成长起来Dr Bahman Gharavi, Head of Children and Youth Clinic at St Mary’s hospital, described her birth as truly unique, saying: “Even children with a birth weight of ounces rarely survive. We have to thank Emilia as well her own survival. She is a little fighter.德国圣玛丽医院的儿童和青少年医学士巴赫曼将艾米莉亚的生存描述为一个奇迹,“一般的孩子,即使出生时体重达到盎司都很少能生存下来,我们必须感谢艾米莉亚,她就是一个小战士”“ more than six months, it was unclear whether she would survive. Only in recent weeks she is getting more robust.”“她六个多月时我们还不清楚她是否能活下来但最近几周,她越来越健康强壮”As Emilia’s mother Sabine entered her 5th week of pregnancy nine months ago, she was warned by obstetrician Dr Sven Schiermeier that the placenta was failing to provide her child with enough nutrition. Without a caesarean, she would have died in the womb.9个月前,在艾米莉亚的妈妈5周时,妇产科医生斯文施梅尔士警告她说胚胎有问题,不能提供足够的营养,如果不进行剖腹产手术,胚胎就会在子宫中死亡The emergency procedure followed, and Dr Gharavi has now credited the efts of paediatricians, gynaecologists and paediatric surgeons in helping Emily to survive. Despite her size, she appeared to be in good health. Her early birth carried a risk of behavioural and learning difficulties, but there have been no signs of any disability.随后就进行了紧急手术巴赫曼表示这是儿科医生,妇科医生,外科医生和艾米莉亚的顽强共同造就的结果尽管她很弱小,她看来健康状况良好她的早产会带来行为问题和学习困难的风险,但目前并无任何迹象“There were many difficult days and many tears, but she clearly wanted to survive,” said Sabine.艾米莉亚的妈妈萨宾丽说:“我们熬过了很多艰难的日子,流过了心酸的泪水,但重要的是她坚持下来了”。

  • What is the author’s purpose in writing this ?。
  • indispensable a.必不可少的,必需的。
  •   A) the British government will be ced to increase its spending on higher education。
  • sanction 5sANkFEnn. 制裁,批准。
  • 霸道老总碉堡天 不老总微罚款50元 --1 18:35: 来源: 近日,山东济南一家公司的一则罚款通报引发网友热议8月日,该公司0多名员工因未对总经理的微进行被罚款50元 Employees at a travel company in eastern China have been fined not commenting on their boss’s social media posts, it’s reported.据报道,中国东部一家旅行社的员工因未老总微被罚款More than 0 members of staff at the business in Jinan were slapped with penalties of 50 yuan each (.50) under the policy, the official Beijing Youth Daily reports. Workers were told to comment on CEO Zhang Ming’s Weibo microblogging , where he posts a mix of company updates and motivational es. Those who didn’t were "punished accordingly", marketing manager Zhao Ruxin tells the paper, adding that it was done to improve the work ethic of younger staff.据《北京青年报报道,因未执行这项规定,济南这家公司的0多名员工被罚款50元(约7.5美元)总经理张明会在微上发布一些公司动态以及励志语录,并要求员工们微内容那些没有照做的人便会受到“相应的处罚”记者联系到公司市场部门负责人赵汝信,他对此解释说,实施这一规定的目的是为了调动青年员工的积极性One unidentified worker tells the paper they were fined without prior warning. Others say they believe the policy violates labour laws, and that fines were also meted out things like not carrying bags featuring the corporate logo.But it seems that all publicity is good publicity to Mr Zhang, who wrote a long post saying it’s good people now understand the company’s corporate culture. He says that while "of course people are not happy to be fined", the business relies on staff to promote it and spur growth.一位不愿透露姓名的员工表示,被告知罚款前,并不知晓有此项规定还有一些人说,他们认为这项规定是违反劳动法的,此外,该公司还有类似的“奇葩”罚款规定,如要求员工每天携带印有企业标志的环保袋,如果不执行也会被罚款但似乎所有的宣传都是在为公司老总张明作宣传他发了一条长长的微表示,现在人们都理解了公司的企业文化,这非常好同时他说,“当然人们都不愿意被罚款”,不过公司能走到今天,正仰赖于 “认同并宣扬企业文化的员工”Weibo users aren’t impressed, though. Among more than ,000 comments on the post, one user writes: "I will tell friends and relatives not to use this travel agency in the future, this is terrible." Many accuse him of vanity, and one comment s: "If you agree with this boss, you have a warped outlook." But one woman concedes that it did get the company noticed. "I admit, what you cooked up wasn’t bad, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about your travel firm," she says.不过,网友们可不买帐此事的多达000多条,其中一网友说,“我会告诉亲朋好友,将来可不要联系这家旅行社这太可怕了”还有很多人指责其该老总虚荣,一人是这样说的,“如果你认同这个老总,你的人生观就是扭曲的”不过一女子认为,此事让这家公司被关注,她说,“我得承认,这事还不是那么糟,否则我也不会知道这家公司呀”。
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