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武汉弟弟上面长珍珠疹武汉治疗包皮过长需要多少费用Under this covenant of justice, liberty, and union we have become a nation—prosperous, great, and mighty.在这项以公正、自由、团结为原则的公约指导下,我们已经成为一个繁荣、伟大和强盛的国家。And we have kept our freedom.而且我们还保持了我们的自由。But we have no promise from God that our greatness will endure.但是,我们并未从上帝那里得到保我们永远是一个伟大国家的诺言。We have been allowed by Him to seek greatness with the sweat of our hands and the strength of our spirit.我们只是已经得到上帝的准许,用我们勤劳的双手和坚强的精神去赢得伟大。I do not believe that the Great Society is the ordered, changeless, and sterile battalion of the ants.我并不认为“伟大社会”应像蚁群那样安排有序、一成不变和了无生气。It is the excitement of becoming always becoming, trying, probing, falling, resting, and trying again but always trying and always gaining.这是一种由“生成”带来的振奋;它在不停地生成,尝试,探索,起伏,休整,再尝试;但只要一直在尝试,就总会有收获。In each generation, with toil and tears, we have had to earn our heritage again.我们每一代人都只得靠汗水和泪水来重新继承我们的传统。If we fail now, we shall have forgotten in abundance what we learned in hardship: that democracy rests on faith,假如我们现在遭到了失败,那就说明我们身处富足之中而忘记了在艰难中学到的东西--民主须建立在信仰之上,that freedom asks more than it gives, and that the judgment of God is harshest on those who are most favored.自由所要求的多于它所给予的,上帝对他最宠爱的人所做的评判也最为苛刻。If we succeed, it will not be because of what we have, but it will be because of what we are;倘若我们获得了成功,其原因并不是我们具备了什么条件,而是在于我们自身的素质;not because of what we own, but, rather because of what we believe.并不是我们拥有的什么东西,而毋宁在于我们所信仰的事情。For we are a nation of believers. Underneath the clamor of building and the rush of our days pursuits,因为我们是一个由有信仰的人所组成的国家。在我们创业的扰攘和日常事务的奔忙背后,02/443974武汉总院人民医院治疗男性不育多少钱 and may confidently expect that the flag which has waved its untarnished folds over every sea will still float in undiminished honor.并自信地期望那曾在每一海面上飘扬而不受沾污的旗帜仍将以未损的荣耀飘扬。But these,like many other subjects,will be appropriately brought at a future time to the attention of the coordinate branches of the Government,但这些,如同很多其它问题,将在未来被适当提起有关政府部门的注意。to which I shall always look with profound respect and with trustful confidence that they will accord to me the aid and support.对此我总以深刻敬意和信任希望他们会给我以帮助和持。which I shall so much need and which their experience and wisdom will ily suggest.我正需要这些帮助,而他们的经历和智慧也随时准备提出。We have been carried in safety through a perilous crisis.我们经历了一场苦难危机而来到安全之地。Wise counsels,like those which gave us the Constitution,prevailed to uphold it.明智的参谋如同那些曾为我们创立宪法的前辈,决心坚决持它。Let the period be remembered as an admonition,and not as an encouragement,in any section of the Union,让我们记住那一时期且作为训诫,而非作为鼓励在联邦的任何地方,to make experiments where experiments are fraught with such fearful hazard.做出充满可怕危险的试验。Let it be impressed upon all hearts that,beautiful as our fabric is,no earthly power or wisdom could ever reunite its broken fragments.让此在所有那些象我们绸缎一样美丽,但任何世上权力和智慧都无法治愈其创伤的心灵留下深深印记。Standing,as I do,almost within view of the green slopes of Monticello,如我现在站立于此,几乎可以看见蒙特塞罗的绿色山坡,and,as it were ,within reach of the tomb of Washington,接触华盛的灵墓,with all the cherished memories of the past gathering around me like so many eloquent voices of exhortation from heaven,充满了关于以往的美好记忆,它们环绕着我就如同来自天堂的赞美之声,I can express no better hope for my country than that the kind Providence which smiled upon our fathers may enable their children to preserve the blessing they have inherited.我只能为同胞们表达这一最好希望,愿曾向我们先父微笑善良的神的眷顾能使他们的子孙保持他们所继承的祝福。02/436494THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Yesterday, I visited Wright Manufacturing -- a business in Frederick, Maryland that makes commercial lawn mowers. Businesses like Wright are the driving force behind our economic success. They create jobs and opportunities for millions of workers. And entrepreneurs like those at Wright Manufacturing keep our economy growing.This is a challenging period for our economy, and I know many of you listening are concerned about the future. My advisors and many outside experts expect that our economy will continue to grow over the coming year, but at a slower rate than we have enjoyed for the past few years. And there's a risk of a downturn. Continued instability in the housing market, for example, could cause additional harm to the overall economy, and put our growth and job creation in jeopardy.In recent months, we have taken steps to shore up the housing sector -- including measures to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure and keep their homes. I have also asked Congress to pass legislation to modernize the Federal Housing Administration and enable it to provide more assistance to struggling homeowners. Congress needs to send me a bill with these reforms right away.After careful consideration, and discussion with members of Congress, I have concluded that additional action is needed to keep our economy growing and creating jobs. Congress and my Administration need to work together to enact an economic growth package as soon as possible.As Congress considers such a plan, there are certain principles that should guide their deliberations: This growth package must be big enough to make a difference in an economy as large and dynamic as ours -- which means it should be about one percent of GDP. This growth package must be built on broad-based tax relief that will directly affect economic growth -- not the kind of spending projects that would have little immediate impact on our economy. This growth package must be temporary and take effect right away -- so we can get help to our economy when it is needed most. And this growth package must not include any tax increases.Specifically, this growth package should bolster both business investment and consumer spending, which are critical to economic growth. This requires two key provisions: To be effective, a growth package must include tax incentives for American businesses -- including small businesses -- to make investments in their enterprises this year. And it must also include direct and rapid income tax relief for Americans like you.Passing a new growth package is our most pressing economic priority. And when that is done, Congress must turn to the most important economic priority for our country -- making sure the tax relief now in place is not taken away from you. Unless Congress acts, the marriage penalty will make a comeback, the child tax credit will be cut in half, the death tax will come back to life, and tax rates will go up on regular income, capital gains, and dividends. This tax increase would put jobs and economic growth at risk. So it is critical that Congress make this tax relief permanent.I am optimistic about our economy, because people like you have shown time and again that Americans are the most industrious, creative, and enterprising people in the world. That is what has made our economy strong. And that is what will make it stronger in the challenging times ahead.Thank you for listening.END 200806/40865武汉鸡巴为什么会挺直

武汉尿道口白色分泌The President's vision to "Win the Future" spelled out in his State of the Union Address was not one founded on vague dreams of a brighter day ahead -- it was founded on ideas, advancements, and principles aly cropping up across the country that can help keep America on top if we only stand by them. Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (205MB) | mp3 (20MB) 201102/124940武汉那家医院看男性早泄阳痿 For the past three and a half years, we’ve been fighting our way back from an historic economic crisis – one caused by breathtaking irresponsibility on the part of some on Wall Street who treated our financial system like a casino.在过去的三年半中,我们一直在与一场历史性的经济危机战斗——而其原因之一就是一部分人惊人的不负责任致使我们的金融系统华尔街像一家。Not only did that behavior nearly destroy the financial system – it cost our economy millions of jobs, hurt middle-class families, and left taxpayers holding the bag.这样的行为不仅几乎摧毁整个金融体系——这是我们的经济数以百万工作岗位的成本,还伤害了中产阶级家庭,而且让纳税人自掏腰包。Since then, we’ve recovered taxpayer dollars that were used to stabilize troubled banks.从那时起,我们已经恢复了纳税人的被用来稳定陷入困境中的钱。And we’ve put in place Wall Street reform with smarter, tougher, commonsense rules that serve one primary purpose: 而且我们将华尔街进行改革,使其更睿智、更严谨,常识性规则提供的务是为了一个主要目的:to prevent a crisis like that from ever happening again. 防止这样的危机再度发生。And yet, for the past two years, too many Republicans in Congress and an army of financial industry lobbyists have actually been waging an all-out battle to delay, defund, and dismantle Wall Street reform.然而,在过去的两年里, 国会中有太多的共和党人和一大批金融行业的说客们实际上已经开始全面的行动以延迟,撤资及拆除华尔街改革。Recently, we’ve seen why we can’t let that happen.最近,我们已经看到了为什么我们不会让这种事情发生。We found out that a big mistake at one of our biggest banks resulted in a two billion dollar loss. 我们在我们的一家最大的之一发现一个造成二十亿美元重大损失的错误。While that bank can handle a loss of that size, other banks may not have been able to. 同时,这家可以处理这种规模的亏损,而其他可能不行。And without Wall Street reform, we could have found ourselves with the taxpayers once again on the hook for Wall Street’s mistakes.没有华尔街改革,我们发现自己与纳税人会再次重蹈华尔街错误的覆辙。That’s why it’s so important that Members of Congress stand on the side of reform, not against it;这就是为什么它是如此重要,国会成员站在改革的一边,而不是反对它,because we can’t afford to go back to an era of weak regulation and little oversight;因为我们不能回到一个监管软弱和缺乏监管的的时代;where excessive risk-taking on Wall Street and a lack of basic oversight in Washington nearly destroyed our economy. 那里在华盛顿华尔街过度冒险的行为和缺乏基本的监督几乎毁了我们的经济。We can’t afford to go back to that brand of ‘you’re-on-your-own’ economics.我们不能回到那个“你就是你自己”的经济中去。Not after the American people have worked so hard to come back from this crisis.美国人民不能再次吞下辛辛苦苦再次从这次危机中恢复的苦果。We’ve got to keep moving forward.我们必须继续前进。We’ve got to finish the job of implementing this reform and putting these rules in place.我们必须完成实施这一改革并使这些法规到位的工作。These new rules say that, if you’re a big bank or financial institution, you now have to hold more cash on hand so that if you make a bad decision you pay for it, not the taxpayers.这些新规则称,如果你是一家大或金融机构,你现在必须持有更多的现金,所以,如果你做的是一个糟糕的决定,你就必须为自己买单,而不是纳税人。You have to write out a “living will” that details how you’ll be wound down if you do fail.你需要写出一份“生前遗嘱”,详细说明如果你失败了,你会平静了下来。The new law takes away big bonuses and paydays from failed CEOs,新的法律从失败的CEO们身上撤除巨额红利和发薪日,while giving shareholders a say on executive salaries.而给予股东们一个管理人员工资的说法。And for the first time in our nation’s history,而且首次在我国历史上,we have in place a consumer watchdog whose sole job is to look out for working families by protecting them from deceptive and unfair practices.我们已经有了消费者权益保护人,他唯一的工作是为家庭排忧解难,使其免受欺诈和不公平待遇。So unless you run a financial institution whose business model is built on cheating consumers, or making risky bets that could damage the whole economy, you have nothing to fear from Wall Street reform.所以除非你运行的是一个金融机构,而其商业模式就是建立在欺骗消费者的基础上,或进行可能会损害整个经济的高风险投资,否则你就没必要害怕华尔街改革。Yes, it discourages big banks and financial institutions from making risky bets with taxpayer-insured money. 是的,它会阻止大型和金融机构用纳税人投保的钱进行高风险投资。And it encourages them to do things that actually help the economy – like extending loans to entrepreneurs with good ideas, to middle-class families who want to buy a home, to students who want to pursue higher education.而且它鼓励他们做实际上帮助经济的事情——像为有好创意的企业家,为想买房子的中产阶级家庭,为想要追求更高教育的学生延长贷款。That’s what Wall Street reform is all about – making this economy stronger for you. 这就是华尔街改革的一切,使我们的经济更加强大,而这一切都是为了你。And we’re going to keep working – to recover every job lost to the recession; to build an economy where hard work and responsibility are once again rewarded; to restore an America where everyone has a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules.我们将继续工作——为了恢复每一份衰退的工作;为了建立一个努力工作和责任再次将得到回报的经济;为了恢复一个每个人都有公平的机会,每个人都做自己份额,每个人都遵守同样规则的美国而努力。I believe the free market is one of the greatest forces for progress in human history; that businesses are the engine of growth; that risk-takers and innovators should be celebrated. But I also believe that at its best, the free market has never been a license to take whatever you want, however you can get it. 我相信自由市场是人类历史进程中最伟大的的力量;商业是增长的引擎,风险承担者和创新者应该被庆祝。但我也确信,在其最好的状态,自由市场从来都不是一种授权,并不是无论你想要什么,无管怎样你都可以得到。Alongside our entrepreneurial spirit and rugged individualism, America only prospers when we meet our obligations to one another; and to future generations.只要有我们的创业精神和顽强的个人主义,美国才能发展,当我们履行一个接一个的义务;而且对未来的世世代代负责任,美国才能繁荣。If you agree with me, let your Member of Congress know. 如果你同意我的观点,让你的国会成员知道。Tell them to spend less time working to undermine rules that are there to protect the economy, and spend more time actually working to strengthen the economy. 告诉他们花更少的时间致力于破坏规则来保护经济,花更多的时间用于增强经济的实际工作。Thanks and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,周末愉快。201205/182952武汉阳痿早泄是些什么原因引起的

武汉哪家医院治疗性生活短好亲,你们想拥有一口流利的英语口语吗?你们想像世界名人一样拥有敏锐的智慧、滔滔不绝的口才吗?在这里,大家不但可以聆听抑扬顿挫的英文,而且还可以学习到名人的过人之处,相信会受益匪浅的!听,他们来了......201202/170552 This basic law of interdependence, so manifest in the commerce of peace, applies with thousand-fold intensity in the event of war.这种相互依存的基本法则,在和平时期的贸易中即已表现得甚为明显,而一旦运用于战争时期,它就会呈现出千百倍的重要性。So we are persuaded by necessity and by belief that the strength of all free peoples lies in unity; their danger, in discord.因此,需要和信念使我们坚信,对所有自由的民族来说,团结就是力量,分裂便会带来危险。To produce this unity, to meet the challenge of our time, destiny has laid upon our country the responsibility of the free worlds leadership.为了实现这种团结,为了应付时代向我们发出的挑战,命运已把领导自由世界的重任赋予我们美国。So it is proper that we assure our friends once again that, in the discharge of this responsibility,我们应该再次向我们的朋友们保,在承担这一领导责任时我们美国人懂得,we Americans know and we observe the difference between world leadership and imperialism; between firmness and truculence;世界领导与帝国主义之间存在着区别,意志坚定与蛮横无理并不是一回事,between a thoughtfully calculated goal and spasmodic reaction to the stimulus of emergencies.经过深思熟虑而确定的目标也不同于在紧急情况刺激下出现的痉挛性反应。我们决不会逾越这些差别。We wish our friends the world over to know this above all: we face the threat我们希望我们在世界各地的朋友尤其要懂得,我们的确面对着威胁,not with d and confusion—but with confidence and conviction.但我们并不畏惧,也不惊慌失措,而是信心十足和镇定自若。We feel this moral strength because we know that we are not helpless prisoners of history.我们之所以感受到这种道德的力量,是因为我们知道自己不是听任历史摆布的囚徒,We are free men. We shall remain free, never to be proven guilty of the one capital offense against freedom, a lack of stanch faith.而是自由的人。我们要永远保持自由,决不能缺乏坚定的信念,从而对自由犯下滔天大罪。In pleading our just cause before the bar of history and in pressing our labor for world peace, we shall be guided by certain fixed principles.我们在历史法庭为正义事业声辩时,在为维护世界和平而操劳时,必须遵循某些确定不变的原则。These principles are: one Abhorring war as a chosen way to balk the purposes of those who threaten us,这些原则是一、我们憎恶选择战争方式来挫败那些威胁我们的人们所抱的种种企图,we hold it to be the first task of statesmanship to develop the strength that will deter the forces of aggression and promote the conditions of peace.我们认为发展有助于遏制侵略势力和促进和平局面的力量,乃是国家领导人的首要任务。For, as it must be the supreme purpose of all free men, so it must be the dedication of their leaders, to save humanity from preying upon itself.因为使人类避免自相残杀,应当成为一切自由人士的最高目标,故其领导人也必须为此而献身。In the light of this principle, we stand y to engage with any and all others in joint effort to remove the causes of mutual fear and distrust among nations,根据这个原则,我们已经做好准备愿与其他各国共同努力,以消除国与国之间相互恐俱和互不信任的根源,so as to make possible drastic reduction of armaments.从而使大规模裁减军备成为可能。The sole requisites for undertaking such effort are that—in their purpose进行这种努力的必要条件是,they be aimed logically and honestly toward secure peace for all; and that—in their result在目标上要理所当然而又真心诚意地确保全人类的和平,they provide methods by which every participating nation will prove good faith in carrying out its pledge.在结果上则应该提供一些措施,借以保各个参与国都能信守自己的誓言。02/437499武汉治疗前列腺囊肿哪里最好武汉睾丸上里面长了个疙瘩



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