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武汉/男性阳痿的表现武汉/人民医院那个中医男科看得好Mark Zuckerberg has released a of him speaking Mandarin with his wife Priscilla and two-month-old daughter Maxima to celebrate Chinese New Year.马克·扎克伯格发布了一个视频,在视频中他携妻子普莉希拉和两个月大的女儿马克斯用中文普通话给大家拜年。Posting the on Facebook on Saturday, he wished users health and good fortune.小扎周六在脸书上发布了这一视频,他祝愿脸书的用户身体健康、恭喜发财。He and Priscilla also revealed they have picked a Chinese name for Maxima: Chen Mingyu. Chen is Priscillas maiden name, while Mingyu means our hope for a brighter tomorrow, he said.他和普莉西拉还发布了他们给女儿马克思起的中文名:陈明宇。小扎说,陈是普莉西拉的中文姓氏,明宇寓意着“对美好明天的希望”。Happy Lunar New Year from Priscilla, Max and me! In the Year of the Monkey, I hope you and all your loved ones find happiness, health and good fortune, Zuckerberg said.扎克伯格说:“我和普莉西拉、马克思祝大家春节快乐!祝愿大家和所爱的人在猴年幸福健康,恭喜发财!”In the he spoke about Facebooks Chinese New Year celebrations.在视频中,他提到了脸书的春节庆典。The firm invited a number of top chefs to cook Chinese cuisine.脸书邀请了几个顶级大厨制作中国菜肴。My favorite was duck, he said.小扎说,“我最喜欢的是烤鸭。”While Maxima and Priscilla wear celebratory red dresses, Zuckerberg dresses for the occasion in his uniform: a grey t-shirt and jeans.视频中马克思和普莉西拉穿着喜庆的红色,而小札则穿着他那件始终不变的灰色T恤和牛仔裤。Happy New Year! Zuckerberg says. Priscilla and I are very excited to celebrate our first Lunar New Year with Max.“春节快乐!”小扎说道,“普莉西拉和我与马克思共同度过我们的第一个农历新年,我们很激动。”Priscilla says: We hope on this holiday, you are also spending it with your family and friends.普莉西拉说:“如此节日,我们希望大家都能和家人朋友一起度过。”To conclude the , Priscilla says: From our little family to yours, we wish you health and prosperity in the New Monkey Year!在视频的尾声,普莉西拉说:“最后,我们这个小家想祝福大家,身体健康,阖家幸福,猴年大吉!”It is not the first time the Facebook founder and CEO has flashed his linguistic skills.这并不是脸书创始人兼CEO展示自己的语言能力。He started studying Mandarin when he was dating Priscilla. They married in 2012, and Maxima was born in late 2015.他是在和普莉西拉约会的时候开始学中文的。两人在2012年结婚,女儿马克思于2015年底出生。In 2014, he wowed students at Tsinghua University in China when he addressed them with a message in Mandarin - of which went viral.2014年,他在中国的清华大学给学生们做了中文演讲——其演讲的视频一时疯传网络。201602/427588咸宁市第一人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询 湖北省肿瘤医院男科预约

武汉/哪里可以治疗早泄武汉/阴茎龟头炎 武汉/市男科生殖中心

武汉/早泄怎样治疗 Mobility in developing world cities在世界上发展中国家城市里is a very peculiar challenge,流动性是一个非常严峻的挑战because different from health因为它和健康or education or housing,教育或住房不同it tends to get worse as societies become richer.当社会变得更富有时,它反而变得更糟Clearly, a unsustainable model.显然,是一个不可持续的发展模式Mobility, as most other developing country problems,流动性,如同其他大多数,发展中国家所遇到的问题more than a matter of money or technology,不仅仅是钱或科技的问题is a matter of equality, equity.更是有关平等、公平的问题The great inequality in developing countries发展中国家巨大的不平等makes it difficult to see, for example,让我们很难看到,例如that in terms of transport,在交通方面an advanced city is not one一个发达的城市where even the poor use cars,不是连穷人都能使用汽车的地方but rather one where even the rich而是甚至富有的人use public transport.都去使用公共交通工具的地方Or bicycles: For example, in Amsterdam,像是自行车:例如,在阿姆斯特丹more than 30 percent of the population超过30%的人口uses bicycles,使用自行车despite the fact that the Netherlands has尽管事实上,荷兰的人均收入a higher income per capita than the ed States.已高过美国There is a conflict in developing world cities发展中国家城市内部也有矛盾for money, for government investment.为了钱,为了政府投资If more money is invested in highways,如果更多的钱投资在路政上of course there is less money for housing,那么投资在房屋for schools, for hospitals,学校,医院,各方面的钱就会减少and also there is a conflict for space.当然也有为了争夺空间的矛盾There is a conflict for space between矛盾出现在those with cars and those without them.那些有汽车和那些没有汽车的人之间Most of us accept today今天我们大多数人接受that private property and a market economy私人财产和市场经济is the best way to manage most of societys resources.是管理大部分社会资源的最佳方式However, there is a problem with that,然而,随之而来的一个问题是that market economy needs市场经济需要通过inequality of income in order to work.收入不平等来鼓励人们工作Some people must make more money,有些人自然赚到更多的钱some others less.有些人赚的就较少一些Some companies succeed. Others fail.一些公司获得成功,一些公司倒闭Then what kind of equality那么什么样的平等can we hope for today是我们今天在市场经济条件下with a market economy?所期待的?I would propose two kinds我提出两种which both have much to do with cities.这两种都与城市有关The first one is equality of quality of life,第一种是生活质量的平等especially for children,特别是对儿童来说that all children should have,所有儿童都应该拥有beyond the obvious health and education,除了健康和教育条件外access to green spaces, to sports facilities,享受绿地,使用体育设施to swimming pools, to music lessons.使用泳池,接触音乐课程And the second kind of equality我所说的第二种平等is one which we could call ;democratic equality.;我们称之为“民主权利平等”The first article in every constitution states每个国家宪法的第一条规定都是that all citizens are equal before the law.所有公民在法律面前一律平等That is not just poetry.这不只是诗Its a very powerful principle.而是一个强有力的原则For example, if that is true,举例来说,如果这是真的a bus with 80 passengers载有 80名乘客的巴士has a right to 80 times more road space有权获得比单人驾驶的小汽车than a car with one.多 80倍的道路空间We have been so used to inequality, sometimes,我们已经非常习惯于不平等,有时that its before our noses and we do not see it.它就在面前,我们看不到它Less than 100 years ago,几十年前women could not vote,女性没有投票权and it seemed normal,好像是正常的事in the same way that it seems normal today正如今天我们看到to see a bus in traffic.一辆公共汽车处在拥挤的道路中In fact, when I became mayor,事实上,当我成为市长的时候applying that democratic principle运用这一民主原则that public good prevails over private interest,即公众利益高于私人利益that a bus with 100 people当一辆巴士载有 100人has a right to 100 times more road space than a car,就有权获得比一辆小车,多 100倍的道路空间we implemented a mass transit system我们实施了一个大运量客运系统based on buses in exclusive lanes.基于公交专用车道We called it TransMilenio, in order to make buses sexier.我们为它命名“穿越千禧”,为了让巴士更性感And one thing is that it is also a very beautiful democratic symbol, because as buses zoom by,还有一个非常漂亮的民主符号是,当巴士飞驰而过expensive cars stuck in traffic,而昂贵的豪华轿车被堵在路上it clearly is almost a picture of democracy at work.很明显,这就是民主得到实现的画面In fact, its not just a matter of equity.事实上,它不仅仅是公平问题It doesnt take Ph.D.s.不需要士A committee of 12-year-old children一组 12岁的儿童would find out in 20 minutes就能在 20分钟内找出that the most efficient way to use scarce road space使用有限道路空间的最有效方法is with exclusive lanes for buses.是设立公交车专用车道In fact, buses are not sexy,事实上,公共汽车并不性感but they are the only possible means但它们是唯一可能to bring mass transit to all areas在快速发展的发展型城市of fast growing developing cities.提供大量客运的交通工具201504/368485武汉/早泄的治疗多少钱孝感市第一人民医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱



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