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南京韩辰整形医院地址南京市第二医院做双眼皮开眼角手术价格Steve Jobs' biological father has spoken about his yearning to meet his son before he dies and the regret he feels in giving him up for adoption。  史蒂夫·乔布斯的生父钱德里近日表示,希望能在有生之年与儿子相见,并对把乔布斯送人收养感到内疚。   Abdulfattah John Jandali, a Syrian immigrant who now works as a vice-president at a casino in a Reno, Nevada, said he did not realise until a few years ago that the billionaire was the son he gave up for adoption more than 50 years ago。  乔布斯的生父阿卜杜法塔赫·约翰·钱德里是一名叙利亚移民,目前在内华达州里诺的一家担任副总裁。他说自己直到几年前才知道亿万富翁乔布斯就是50年前送人抚养的儿子。  He said he has emailed the former Apple CEO a few times but admitted that Syrian pride means he would never call him。  钱德里说,他曾给乔布斯发过几次邮件,但他也承认,由于有着身为叙利亚人的自尊,他不会给儿子打电话。史蒂夫·乔布斯刚刚卸任苹果CEO。  He said: 'This might sound strange, though, but I am not prepared, even if either of us was on our deathbeds, to pick up the phone to call him。  他说:“也许这听起来很奇怪,但我真没准备好给他打个电话,即使我们俩有人即将死去。”  'Steve will have to do that, as the Syrian pride in me does not want him ever to think I am after his fortune.'  “应该是乔布斯给我打电话。作为一名叙利亚人,我不希望他认为我是在贪图他的钱财。”  According to the New York Post, his ex-wife Joanne Simpson gave up the baby as her father did not approve of her marrying a Syrian. Mr Jandali said if it had been his choice he would have wanted to keep the baby。  据《纽约邮报》报道,钱德里的前妻乔安娜·辛普森当年抛弃了乔布斯,是因为她父亲不同意她嫁给一个叙利亚人。钱德里说如果当时决定权在他,他会把孩子养大。  Joanne moved to San Francisco from Wisconsin in 1955, had the baby alone and gave it up for adoption。  1955年,乔安娜从威斯康星州搬到旧金山,独自在那里生下了乔布斯,并把他送人抚养。  The Syrian immigrant, who has been described as a workaholic who is trying to avoid retirement at all costs, said he hoped his son would call him someday so the two could simply go for a cup of coffee。  钱德里是个工作狂,想尽一切办法不退休。他说他希望儿子有一天可以联系他,哪怕只是一起喝杯咖啡。  He said: 'I'd be lying if I said it doesn't sadden me to have not been part of my son's incredible journey. What father wouldn't think that? And I would think that even if he was not the head of a hugely successful company  他说:“没能陪伴儿子走过辉煌的人生旅程,如果我说我不难过,那肯定是在撒谎。哪个父亲不是那么想的呢?即使他不是一个非常成功的公司总裁,我也会那样想。”  'Now I just live in hope that, before it is too late, he will reach out to me, because even to have just one coffee with him just once would make me a very happy man.'  “我现在只是希望他能和我联系,希望不至于太晚,哪怕只是坐在一起喝一次咖啡,我也很开心。”  Jobs, who has endured a much-publicised battle with cancer since 2004, has always been fiercely protective of his private life and little is known about the powerhouse behind the Apple brand。  乔布斯一直严守自己的私生活,人们对苹果品牌背后的这个“超人”知之甚少。自2004年被诊断患有癌症之后,他的抗癌之战一直备受关注。  The stereotype of a cool New York sophisticate, he famously wears only black and has a minimalist philosophy so severe that friends recall visiting his mansion to find it virtually empty but for a picture of Einstein, a Tiffany lamp, a chair and a bed。  在人们的印象中,乔布斯是个很酷的纽约奇才,他以只穿黑色衣著称,还是一个严苛的极简主义者。据朋友们回忆,他的豪宅十分简陋,只有一张爱因斯坦的照片,一盏蒂凡尼台灯,一把椅子和一张床。 /201108/151834南京正规美容医院 China has overtaken the UK to become Australia’s biggest source of migrants in an historic shift that underlines the strengthening ties between the two Asia Pacific nations.中国已经取代英国成为澳大利亚最大的移民来源国. 这一具有历史性意义的转变突显了中国和澳大利亚这两个亚太国之间的关系不断加强. Migrants from China jumped a fifth to nearly 30,000 out of Australia’s total annual intake of 168,685, according to government figures published on Wednesday. The rise comes at a time when Australia is grappling with skilled worker shortages, especially in its booming mining and energy industries that are investing record sums to meet China’s demands for commodities and fuel. China is Australia’s biggest two-way trading partner.周三澳洲政府公布的数据显示, 澳大利亚每年的吸纳移民总人数为168685人, 其中中国人占30000人, 较去年增长五分之一. 此次增长恰逢澳洲正在对抗熟练工人短缺困境, 特别是在快速增长的矿业和资源行业尤为严重. 澳洲正在这两个行业上进行空前的投资, 以满足中国对大宗商品和燃料的需求. 中国是澳洲最大的双边贸易伙伴. Australia’s jobless rate has flat-lined this year at about 4.9 per cent, considered close to full employment, and the government has forecast it will fall to 4.5 per cent in 2013. The greater migrant numbers from China helped offset the continued decline from the UK, where numbers fell for a fifth straight year to slightly less than 24,000. India, now Australia’s third biggest migrant source, has also declined in recent years and fell 6 per cent to 21,768.今年, 澳大利亚的失业率与去年持平, 约4.9%左右, 接近充分就业. 而且该国政府预测, 失业率会在2013年下降至4.5%. 来自中国的更大数量的移民, 弥补了英国不断减少的移民数量. 英国今年已经连续第五年对澳大利亚移民减少, 今年对澳移民人数略少于24000人. 印度如今是澳大利亚第三大移民来源国. 但是近来年印度对澳大利亚的移民数量也在不断减少, 今年比去年减少6%, 总移民人数为21768人. Australia's image in India was tarnished by a string of brutal Indian student bashings in 2009, while Canberra has also cracked down on disreputable vocational education schools that were temporarily used by foreign students, including those from India, to attain working visas. Chris Bowen, the Australian immigration minister, said the bulk of the new arrivals in the 2010-11 migration programme were skilled workers. “Skilled migrants deliver significant benefits … as their employment contributes to economic growth and their relative youth offsets some of the impacts of the aging labour force,” he said.澳大利亚在印度的形象被2009年的一系列的对留澳印度学生的残酷打击大大破坏, 同时澳大利亚政府对外国学生(包括印度学生)为获取工作签而暂时就读的名声不好的职业教育学校予以取缔. 澳大利亚移民部长克里斯#8226;鲍恩表示, 2010-2011的移民计划中通过的新移民人群大多数是熟练工人. “熟练移民工人为澳大利亚创造巨大的收益, 因为他们的就业促进了澳大利亚的经济增长,而且由于他们都相对年轻, 这有助于抵消工人力量老龄化的不良影响.” 鲍恩表示. Mr Bowen is locked in a legal battle over Canberra’s plan to deport 800 asylum seekers entering Australian waters illegally by boat to Malaysia in exchange for 4,000 of its refugees. The top occupations in the skilled migrants stream were accountants, computing professionals, cooks and registered nurses.鲍恩现在正在忙着处理一个关于澳洲政府计划遣送800名非法乘船进入澳大利亚水域的政治难民的法律诉讼. 澳洲政府希望通过将这800名难民运往马来西亚, 以换取身处该国的4000名澳洲籍难民. 熟练移民工之中, 最吃香的几个职位是会计师, 计算机专业人士, 厨师和注册护士.原文: 选自英国lt;lt;金融时报gt;gt; 译者: 爱尔兰都柏林大学 赖小琪 /201108/148967Shocking or no big deal? A woman breastfeeding her 3-year-old son is the cover photo of this week#39;s Time magazine for a story on ;attachment parenting,; and reactions ranged from applause to cringing to shrugs.感到震惊还是觉得没什么大不了?本周《时代》杂志的封面照片是一位正在给3岁的儿子喂母乳的女性,讲述了有关“亲密育儿法”的故事。封面引发强烈反响,有人击掌叫好,也有人极为反感。The photo showed Jamie Lynne Grumet, 26, a stay-at-home mom in Los Angeles who says her mother breastfed her until she was 6 years old. She told the magazine in an interview that she#39;s given up reasoning with strangers who see her son nursing and threaten ;to call social services on me or that it#39;s child molestation.;封面照上的人物是26岁的杰米-林恩-格鲁梅特,她住在洛杉矶,是一位全职妈妈。她说自己吃母乳吃到六岁。她告诉该杂志,有些陌生人看到她母乳喂养,还威胁“向社会福利机构举报”,说这是“儿童性骚扰”,但她已经懒得做出解释。;People have to realize this is biologically normal,; she said, adding, ;The more people see it, the more it#39;ll become normal in our culture. That#39;s what I#39;m hoping. I want people to see it.;她说:“人们应该认识到,这是生理上的正常现象。这种现象越常见,在我们的文化中就越正常。这正是我所希望的,我希望人们看到它。”Some questioned why the magazine used the photo of Grumet, a slim blonde pretty enough to be a model, to illustrate a story about a style of childrearing that#39;s been around for a generation. The issue includes a profile of the attachment parenting guru, Dr. Bill Sears, who wrote one of the movement#39;s bibles, ;The Baby Book,; 20 years ago.有些人质疑为什么杂志使用格鲁梅特的照片来诠释这种已经持续了一个世代的育儿方式,因为她是个苗条的金发美女,足以成为模特。这期杂志还介绍了“亲密育儿法”的大师比尔-西尔斯士。他在20年前出版了论述这种育儿方式的权威著作《亲密育儿百科》。Mika Brzezisnki, co-host of MSN#39;s weekday morning program ;Morning Joe,; suggested on the air that the cover was needlessly sensational: ;I#39;ll tell you why it bothers me — because it#39;s a profile of Bill Sears!;美国全国广播公司工作日早间节目《早安,乔伊》的搭档主持米卡#8226;布热津斯基在广播中宣称这种封面是没有意义的煽情。她说:“我会告诉你们为什么我讨厌它,因为这是在说比尔-西尔斯!”On Twitter, the cover inspired X-rated jokes along with concerns that the child might be teased when he#39;s older. But on many message boards, there was debate about whether it#39;s OK to breastfeed beyond babyhood.有人在推特上也拿这期封面开起了限制级玩笑,也有人担心封面上的儿童长大后会因此被嘲笑。婴儿期过后是否还可以哺乳的问题在众多留言板上激起热议。Bobbi Miller, a mother of six who lives in Arkansas, expressed disapproval in a tweet and said in a phone interview, ;Even a cow knows when to wean their child.; Of the cover, she said: ;Why would this even be out there? It#39;s ludicrous. It#39;s almost on the verge of voyeurism.;阿肯色州一位六岁孩子的母亲鲍比-米勒在推特上表达了反对意见,她在电话采访中说:“哪怕是母牛都知道什么时候该断奶了。”谈到封面时,她说:“为什么还会刊登这种照片?这太荒唐了,和性骚扰差不多。”But Bettina Forbes, co-founder of an organization called Best for Babes that promotes breastfeeding and supports women who want to nurse their children beyond babyhood, said she hopes the cover ;will make mainstream America less squeamish; about women breastfeeding children of any age. ;It#39;s high time we talk about these things,; she said.但贝蒂娜-福布斯说,她希望这期封面会让主流的美国大众对母亲给多大的孩子母乳喂养不要太“神经质”。她说:“是时候我们该讨论讨论这些事情了。”她是促进母乳喂养的组织“为了孩子好”的创办人之一,该组织持那些在婴儿期后仍给孩子母乳喂养的女性。Reaction to the cover underscored a cultural rift between traditional childrearing and what some have deemed ;extreme parenting.; The attachment philosophy encourages mothers to respond to their babies#39; every cry and form close bonds with near-constant physical contact through ;co-sleeping; (letting them sleep in the bed with parents rather than in cribs) and ;baby-wearing; (carrying them on slings instead of pushing them in strollers).对封面的反应让人们看到了传统育儿方式和有些人眼中的“极端育儿法”之间的文化裂痕。亲密育儿法鼓励母亲们对宝宝的每次哭喊都做出回应,通过频繁的亲密身体接触建立亲子关系,比如让孩子和父母“同睡”在一张床上,而不是睡在婴儿床里,或者用婴儿背带抱孩子,而不是用婴儿车推着他们。 /201205/181810南京溧水县中医院娜绮丽假体娜高假体曼托假体哪家便宜价格

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