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你知道“空中飞车”吗?大肆宣扬了一番,最后发现只不过是滑板车而已。Do you know about Ginger? After all the hype, it turned out to be just a scooter.Hype表示(刺激兴趣,促进销售的)天花乱坠的广告宣传。好莱坞电影常用hype,而要表示实际结果时,可以像例句一样用turn out to be. /201005/103206Jo: Hello, welcome to Real English from B Learning English. I’m Jo.Sun Chen: Hello. I’m Sun Chen.Jo: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that you might not find in your dictionary.Sun Chen: 地道英语和大家一起学习现代英式英语中最新出现的流行词汇和新鲜表达。那Jo,今天给我们带来的新词是什么呢?Jo: Well today Sun Chen, we’re going to talk about studying at university. Have you heard of the term sandwich course?Sun Chen: Sandwich course? Yes, I have. 不过我想你最好还是解释一下吧。Jo: I’m sure everyone knows what a sandwich is. You know two slices of b, with some meat or salad for example in the middle.Sun Chen: Yes. Sandwich 就是我最不喜欢吃的三明治,也就是夹心面包。Jo: And sandwich course is a bit like a sandwich, meaning there’s one year in your university course that you can do something different. This special year is sandwiched between other academic years.Sun Chen: 三明治课程就是现在大学里非常流行的工读交替制课程, sandwich course. 让同学们有一年的时间到相关单位拿工作经验。Insert A: Have you decided which course you’re going to do at university? B: I’m going to study architecture at Bristol. A: Is it a sandwich course? B: Yes, it’s a four-year sandwich course and I’ll get the chance to work with a top architecture company. Sun Chen: architecture 建筑, 建筑学. 刚才那位同学选择了四年的建筑三明治课程,当中有一年的实际工作机会。Jo: Well, I’m afraid that we are out of time. Anyway, to recap, a sandwich course is …Sun Chen: a sandwich course 就是现在大学里非常流行的工读交替制课程.Jo: You’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Join us next time. Sun Chen: 我们下次节目再会。 /200711/19871英语日常口语 84:A visit from the police来自警察局的询问本单元是关于来自警察局的询问的对话Police 1: You see sir, we've received a complaint from a Mr Hall about a gentleman's watch that you sold to his wife just before Christmas. It would appear that the authenticity of the watch is in doubt. Tim: Oh - Oh, I see...Police 1: Would you mind answering a few questions for us? Tim: Well, no, but I think you should be talking to my boss about this.Police 2: We've aly spoken to your boss sir, at some length as it happens. That's why we'd like to talk to you now. So, if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions...Tim: What, here?Police 2: We can always go down to the station if you think you'd be more comfortable there, sir...Tim: No, no, that won't be necessary. Would you like to come through to the office?Vocabulary 词汇 authenticity (n) 真实性the quality or condition of being real, trustworthy, or genuinein doubt 有疑问under question, not fully believedat some length 相当详尽地thoroughly, completely or repeatedly; for a long timeas it happens 实际上this is an informal expression which means 'actually'本单元的语言点是动词后面加动词+ing 形式,在英语中有些动词后面跟不定式,有些要跟动词+ing 形式,请看下面的解释和例句。Verb + verb-ingBackground 背景 When a verb is followed by another verb, the second verb must be either an infinitive with 'to' such as 'to do', 'to make', 'to go' etc. or an -ing form such as 'doing', 'making', 'going'. In this episode of The Flatmates, the police officer says 'Would you mind answering a few questions...?' The form of the second verb depends on the first verb, and/or the speaker's intended meaning.Some of the rules about verb + verb-ing are given here. Basic verbs 基本动词 Verb-ing is used after these verbs:Examples:The children admitted taking the sweets.I considered becoming a singer when I left school.Do you fancy going to see a movie tonight?Would you mind opening the window? It's rather hot in here.He suggested eating out, but I had aly prepared dinner at home. Phrasal verbs 短语动词Verb-ing is used after these phrasal verbs:Examples:The children carried on playing even though it had started to rain.I gave up smoking 3 years ago.The teacher went on talking even though some of the students weren't listening.Why do you keep on eating fatty food when you know it's bad for you?Negatives 否定To make the -ing verb negative, use not:Would you mind not making so much noise?I like not having to get up early at weekendsSomebody 某人 It is possible to use the structure verb + somebody + verb-ing:I can't imagine you living in a foreign country.I don't like you telling me what to do all the time.In the passive form, use being and the past participle:I don't like being told what to do all the time. /200708/1689326个英语字母诠释爱情的真谛

01.Like the coming spring, you are refreshing.你像即将来临的春天一样清新. /201002/96201

雪莉最近被提升为了财务室主任,那么她被提升之后工作会有什么变化呢?来看看她和简的谈话吧!Listen Read Learn Jane: I was really glad to hear about your promotion. Congratulations!Shirley: Thanks, Jane. I was really surprised. I mean there were a lot of qualified people out there.Jane: Sure, but the work you did was really exceptional! You definitely deserved it!Shirley: Thanks a lot.Jane: You are always responsible and careful.Shirley: Jane, I appreciate it very much. I expect to see you get nominated pretty soon, too. You've been doing some great work!Jane: Thank you. I'll try my best. By the way, when do you take over the new position?Shirley: Next month.Jane: So what are you responsible for?Shirley: I'm going to manage the whole accounts department.Jane: So you must get higher pay than before.Shirley: Yes, the company will also give me a prize of 1,000 Yuan.Jane: 1,000 Yuan? That's great! So…Shirley: OK, I know what you mean. It's my treat.Jane: Really? Can I order anything I want?Shirley: Of course. Let's go.听看学简: 听说你最近升职了,恭喜你!雪莉: 谢谢你,简。我太惊讶了。我的意思是还有很多其他优秀的人才。简: 确实是这样的,但是你做的工作是独一无二的!这是你应得的。雪莉: 真是太谢谢你了。简: 你非常负责,而且也非常细心。雪莉: 简,真是非常感谢你的夸奖。我希望不久你也能被提名。你工作也一直非常认真。简: 谢谢。我会尽力的。对了,那你什么时候上任呢?雪莉: 下个月。简: 那你主要负责什么样的工作呢?雪莉: 我要负责整个财务室。简: 那你的工资应该比以前要高吧。雪莉: 是的,公司还会给我1,000元钱作为奖金。简: 1,000块?很不错哦!那……雪莉: 好了,我知道你的意思。今天我请客。简: 真的吗?那我想点什么都可以吗?雪莉: 当然啦,我们走吧。 /200809/47913

上班、上学迟到的时候,你会用什么借口向老板或老师解释呢?下面这些句子可能会对你有帮助哦。1. Your watch must be fast.你的表肯定快了。 /201101/124372

Yellow黄色Just tie your yellow ribbon around the old oak tree.把你的黄丝带系在老橡树上。What comes to mind when you think of yellow?当你想到黄色时,脑中会浮现什么?Yellow makes me feel warm,its a sunny color.黄色能让我觉得暖和,这是一个阳光的颜色。Sure, I think different things like a big tall glass of cool yellow lemonade, a large branch of yellow bananas, or an old book with yellow pages, but I also think of a few of yellow sunflowers, the yellow sun rising in the morning, a near yellow trap of goldfish swimming around, a group of trooping yellow chicks?当然,我也会想到不同的东西,就像一大杯很凉爽的黄柠檬汁,一大把黄色的香蕉,或者是一本旧书的黄页,但我也会想到黄色的向日葵, 在早晨升起金黄色的太阳,金鱼游来游去,成群结队的黄色小鸡?Im not sure why someone who was easily frightened is describe as yellow, or why that person is sometimes called yellow bellied.我不知道为什么很容易受到惊吓的人被描述为黄色,或者为什么那个人有时被称为胆小的人。Yellow is a closest color to gold,which is a very nice color, but Im not rich, so Im under the shadow of yellow.黄色是一种最接近金色的颜色,这是一种非常漂亮的颜色,但我不富有,所以我在黄色的阴影下。Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:When you hear the word yellow, what comes to your mind?当你听到黄色这个词,你会想到什么?How does the color yellow make you feel?黄色让你感觉如何?What are some things that are yellow?有哪些东西是黄色的?Do you know any idioms that use the word yellow?你知道使用黄色这个词的成语吗?What are some colors that are similar to yellow?有哪些颜色相似的黄色的吗?What does the color yellow symbolize?黄色象征着什么?Can you name some fictional characters that are associated with the color yellow?你能说出一些和黄色相关的虚拟的角色吗?Do you think that the color yellow means different things or different cultures?你认为黄色意味着不同的东西还是不同的文化? /201203/173229

Marcia: Hello. I have a room booked for tonight, the 15th.Front Desk: Alright and what is your name, please?Marcia: It’s Marcia Gleason.Front Desk: Ah,yes, here you are Ms. Gleason. You reserved a single, right?Marcia: Yes, a single, thanks.Front Desk: Do you mind being next to the elevator?Marcia: Actually, I’d prefer not to be. /201011/119405

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